9 Jun 2011

Add OOTB Rating Control in SharePoint 2010 Blog Site

Again, this is really bad I think Confused smile. Rating Control doesn’t exist in Blog template site in SharePoint 2010, even if you have activated Rating feature in Posts list. I think there’s a good solution out there in internet, but I have a different one. It’s not the best solution I think, but can be comparable. The easy way, but good enough.

6 Jun 2011

My Development Environment to Develop SharePoint 2010 Solutions

Well, I don’t know if this tips would help much for you. But this is my best Development Environment when I want to create SharePoint 2010 Solutions. And I’m about to share to you all, so I hope it helps.

My Development Environment (DE) is using Windows 2008 R2. But I’m adding some UI feature for extra comfort usability, and more like Windows 7, and of course, Kung Fu Panda 2 themes, downloaded from Microsoft’s theme pack website Smile with tongue out. And not only that! I want my development environment works faster, faster to deploy (well, at the first deploy, you can’t refuse if it slower, but better on next deployment), faster to install DLL, and recycle IIS, and faster to debug IIS processes.

Recycle IIS Application using Command Line

I’m actually don’t know if there’s an application which can recycle IIS Application Pool using command line, but I haven’t found one. So, I would like to create this small app.

And, here’s the screenshot.



I hope the app could help you all. It’s based on .NET Framework 2.0 (CMIIW Smile with tongue out). And I’m sure it’ll comin’ handy.
Here’s the link, enjoy.

Tips: Set Default SharePoint Content Database in Web Application

This day I would like to write a small tips, simple but useful tips to maintain your SharePoint Database growth. Basically, when you create a web application, you must configure the Web Application, the SQL Database name for Default Content Database. For a serious disk space matter, if in your web application in the next implementation will be used as Document Center, or anything else which needs a big space, you might want to separate your Default Content Database for each Site Collections.

You could have multiple Content Database, but you don’t know what is the default Content Database if you create a Site Collection. Well, I think this is not the trick, but a small tips and feature that you sometimes doesn’t realize it exist.