Mar 13, 2013

Assign a User to Manage SharePoint User Profile

Maybe in some of particular scenario, we found that the user wanted to manage user profile alone without using Farm Administrator Account and to keep the user with a minimal security access.

That way, we can configure User Profile Service Application to have particular user granted as User Profile Manager. So they can go to Central Administration website without touching other configuration.

How we can do this?

Mar 8, 2013

Xml: Another Way to Use Configuration Options

Many developers believe, a good way to save configuration, can save another line of code. So do I, do not like complicated code to just saving a configuration options for an application that I’ve made. Can’t say how many methods out there to save configuration options, as this is not limited to creativity of each person.


I do have one way, which is simple enough for me to save any type of configuration with almost any kind of data type. Xml is one of the many options and to do that we just need 2 methods, serialize and deserialize.