May 19, 2011

How to Get SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics Programmatically? Finally Found!

You probably know that one biggest challenge is how to get SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics data in Web Analytics Report programmatically. It’s a little stupid (I suppose) if Microsoft doesn’t provide API to access this cool feature. Although there’s an API in a method like GetUsageData(), but this thing doesn’t enough. We want more detailed and mimicking the SharePoint Web Analytics Report.Where

I’d rather write my own code about HttpModule or use a third party Analytics feature like Google Analytics than searching entire database for those kind of reports. But, that’s just became a nightmare if you see that the portal is not published to the Internet.

Well, after 2 days full searching (really – no sleeping at all Surprised smile) in entire SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics Database, I found how to do it. By the way, accessing Database generated by SharePoint 2010 isn’t really supported by Microsoft. But I think it’s OK as long as you don’t write or update any data to them, go on, express yourself.