28 Jul 2010

Merging Two Virtual Hard Disks with Virtual Server 2005

You can merge two Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) into one VHD by using Virtual Server 2005. But as far as I know, you can only merge VHD with Differencing VHD type. What is that? Differencing VHD actually two VHD, with one as the parent which holds the most common and shares the same configuration with the children VHD. And the other one is the child, which holds the changes in every events.

By merging this two VHD, you can increase a better performance for your Virtual Machine. You can try to merge this two hard disk by accessing Virtual Server Administration WebSite, and click Inspect under Virtual Disks.


After that, choose the Full Path of the Differencing VHD to Inspect, and click Inspect.


Click on the “Merge virtual hard disks”…


You can choose whether to merge with the parent virtual disks, or just create a new merged VHD, is up to your choice. And then click Merge.


And that’s how to do it…

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