31 Agu 2010

Rename Sharepoint Site URL using STSADM

Sometimes you faced a little problem with Sharepoint, and what if the problem is you do not like the existing Site Collection URL? For example, http://intern.contoso.com/sites/HRArea and you want to change it to http://intern.contoso.com/sites/HR ? Try this STSADM Commands…

The method is involving backup, delete and restore command in STSADM, so be careful to do this, and trying not to make any mistakes. First time, you must confirm the old URL and the new URL. Maybe you would like to try my another solution using STSADM, so you don’t need to write the full path of STSADM, coz it so annoying.

STSADM –o backup –url <the old url> –overwrite –filename <the backup filename>

So, the example would be like this, STSADM –o backup –url http://intern.contoso.com/sites/HRArea –overwrite –filename D:\BackupHR.dat. This will make backup for the old URL, including contents.

STSADM –o deletesite –url <the old url>

Make sure that the first command completed successfully, so you can do this command, to delete the old site URL. The example is STSADM –o deletesite –url http://intern.contoso.com/sites/HRArea.

STSADM –o restore –url <the new url> –filename <the backup filename>

And the next command is to restore the backed up site. So the site will run with the new URL. And you’re done….

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  1. Is it save if we are using -overwrite option instead of using -o deletesite and then -o restore


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