18 Okt 2011

Tools to Get SPSite and SPWeb Aggregation ID for SharePoint 2010

It’s been a busy months for me, I can’t write anything on my spare time. But I tell you what, I’ve created a little tools to generate Aggregation ID so you don’t have to write code about it if you just want to query the Web Analytics on SharePoint 2010.

Just specify your URL and Level, and you’re good to go.


Rdz.GetAggregationId.exe –URL <URL of SharePoint Site or SubSite> –Level [SPSite | SPWeb]

Below is the exe file that you can use. It based on .NET 3.5.

UPDATE: Thanks for Anand for noticing. I just realized that I haven’t include the DLL inside the ZIP file yet. Above, is the updated link. Thanks a lot and sorry for my mistake! Open-mouthed smile