11 Jul 2012

Fast Tips: CSS Colouring

I hope you got the idea with that title. Anyway, there’s a bunch things to share actually in my mind, but sometimes, I really have to dig it out from my mind. Do you know on how to colouring CSS with number? See at this screenshot below (red rectangle) to get the idea.


Where do we get this numbers? Actually it’s representing the colour number in hexadecimals between 0 – FF (or just say 0 – 255 in decimals), so we can cut it out and put like this table below.









Just think this parts as a slider, so we can put the number we like. For instance, in Blue colour, if we want add more blue, just add it more or pull it to a max value, and otherwise. If we want a yellow, just put #FFFF00 as a colour. If we want it blue, just put #0000FF, means that give it 0 for Red, give it 0 for Green, and give it max (FF or 255) for Blue. If we want it grey, just put #AAAAAA, all colours in the same value, and vice versa.

I don’t know whether my post helps you out, but a comment will help me improve my writing skills. Thanks Winking smile.

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